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Published on January 1, 2007

Accurate Dispensing of Sealant Materials with Gear Metering Technology

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Date Published January 1, 2007

This Report has been authored by:Dan Thompson at Nordson Corp.

Accuracy, repeatability, consistency: these are characteristics every manufacturing facility strives for in producing their goods. Selecting the proper sealant for a given application is critically important, but just as important is how to accurately dispense the material onto the intended substrate to maximize performance and minimize waste. By understanding the sealant characteristics and application requirements, one can select from several methods to properly pump and dispense these materials. Nordson offers a variety of pumping systems, including positive displacement gear pumps. With each turn of a positive displacement gear pump, a certain volumetric amount of material is flowed. The rate of flow is dependent upon the size of gears, speed at which they turn, and other downstream technologies like nozzle and orifice size. With gear pump systems, consistency is greatly improved over piston pump style systems. A more consistent output reduces material waste and improves quality. By accurately controlling the flow of material, one can reduce gaps or voids in flow and overflow, which could lead to poor performance or even product failure. This also helps to minimize scrap, re-work of parts, and warranty claims. This presentation outline is as follows: Overview of gear metering and importance of accuracy: * Positive displacement pumps * Metering at the unit * metering at the dispense head * Gear Pump vs. Compensators and Accumulators * Materials: 1K, 2K, ambient temp and heated * Equipment: Bulk Unloaders, Tanks, Pro-Meters What can the technology offer? * Accuracy * Repeatability * Increased Performance * Reduced Maintenance * Consistent Mix Ratios What benefits are enjoyed? * Reduced costs * Minimize material usage * Minimize waste * Allows for more accurate calculation of costs * Reduce clean up on parts and equipment * Reduce warranty claims and ejected parts * Consistent output eliminates gaps or low spots, and overfill * Increase quality and aesthetics of products 
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