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Published on January 1, 2007

New Generation DAI-EL Fluoroelastomers for Injection Molding

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Date Published January 1, 2007

This Report has been authored by:Kerry Heck at Daikin America Inc. #with# Steve Mariconti at Daikin America Inc.

Fluoroelastomers are used today in a variety of applications where their combination of heat and chemical resistance provide excellent long term sealing ability compared with other elastomers. These applications include o-rings, gaskets, shaft seals and bushings used in the automotive, chemical processing and oil and gas industries. In the case of o-rings and gaskets, long term sealing ability depends on the materialís compression set and compression stress relaxation properties, which depend in turn on elastomer composition, molecular structure, compound formula and molding conditions. In this paper we will introduce a family of fluoroelastomer products with excellent sealing and processing characteristics for the economical manufacture of molded elastomeric seals. 
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