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Published on October 12, 2006

Using Pre Dispersed Resin Cure Paclages to Improve Bladder Life

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Date Published October 12, 2006

Mixing a curing resin into a butyl tire bladder compound can be extremely difficult. The inherent tackiness and low green strength of the butyl polymer combined with the difficult dispersion properties of the powdered curing resin and high gravity zinc oxide usually lead to poor mixing efficiency, inconsistent cure rates, and long clean-up times. These cost the mixer considerable time and money. This paper will show that by using Rhein Chemie's proprietary polymeric binder technology and pre-dispersed cure systems, significant savings can be achieved in the mixing cycle, batch to batch consistency, and the reduction of cleaning time. This paper will also show that through improved dispersion and consistency achieved by using Rhein Chemie’s Poly- Dispersion® s, the total cost efficiency can be significantly improved and the amount of curing resin used reduced.

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