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Published on September 12, 2006


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Date Published September 12, 2006

Quinone diimine antidegradant (Q-Flex® QDI®) reacts faster than conventional antidegradants to stabilize broken chains and minimize the oxidative chain degradation that occurs during mixing of NR compounds in intensive mixing equipment. The quinone diimine reacts by adding to the radical chain end. This reaction not only produces a polymer-bound PPD moiety, but prevents the recombination of the broken chains. These two benefits accelerate viscosity reduction and improve polymer-to-filler interaction. Target viscosities are achieved faster, improving productivity and significantly reducing processing costs. Even with shorter mixing cycles, the improved polymer-to-filler interaction results in final products having comparable or improved performance characteristics. Thus, the balance of productivity and performance improves by mixing NR compounds in the presence of Q-Flex QDI antidegradant. 
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