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Published on January 1, 2006

Improved Bond Strength in HCR Silicone

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Date Published January 1, 2006

This Report has been authored by:George Sullivan at SilCoTec Inc.

Silicone rubber is used in a variety of applications that require bonding the silicone rubber to various substrates. Such applications range from medical devices to seals, and all require the silicone-substrate bond to hold throughout the molding process and eventual finished application. This presentation and paper will look at an improved bonding system that provides for increased bond strength between the silicone rubber and the substrate. The improved bond strength holds better initially and holds longer and better in many bonding applications. This improved bond strength system can be customized in order to bond the silicone rubber to a variety of substrates. These bonding improvements can lead to better performing and longer lasting parts and processes.

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