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Published on January 1, 2006

The Vario System--A Modular System for Demand Orientated Automation

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Date Published January 1, 2006

This Report has been authored by:Mario Menke at WEA Werkzeugbau GmbH & Co.

Today the need for an automated production of rubber articles becomes more and more in focus in the western industrial countries. Beside of the selection of an adequate article regarding a possible technical realization as well as the required article volume to justify an automated manufacturing process, the degree of automatisation plays a decisive role to achieve optimum manufacturing costs. By consideration, different stages of extension of a possible automated solution, the influence of the automation degree on the forecasted unit costs is identified. The consequences of a wrong selection of the degree of automation is pointed out to the participants. As an alternative, the usage of modular concepts to adapt the degree of automation to the actual demand is introduced to the participants, which allows the user an incremental extension of the automation adapted to the required production volume to achieve unit costs on a constant low level. 
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