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Published on January 1, 2006

Prevulcanization of Synthetic Polyisoprene Latex

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Date Published January 1, 2006

This Report has been authored by:Fung Bor Chen at Medline Industries Inc.

The article published by the author in the 2005 Charlotte International Latex Conference has demonstrated that Medline synthetic polyisoprene latex can be prevulcanized in an aqueous phase with commercially available accelerators, such as sulfur, dithiocarbamate, thiuram and thiazole. Existing machines for natural rubber products are capable of manufacturing synthetic protein-free polyisoprene products. This document explores the mechanism of the prevulcanization of synthetic polyisoprene latex. Crosslinking initiates from the outmost layer of latex droplets, and then propagates inward. The extent of prevulcanization on synthetic polyisoprene latex affects the physical properties and stress relaxation behavior of dipped films. The effects of compounding ingredients on the physical properties of dipped films are also discussed. 
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