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Published on January 1, 2006

Profitable Behavior

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Date Published January 1, 2006

This Report has been authored by:Tim Pryce at Profitable Behavior Consultants

This presentation examines how the behavior and actions we take as leaders and managers affect the profitability and cash availability of our businesses. Many managers in all size companies set objectives, goals and measures in place and are then surprised that the result is not achieved. There are always reasons (or excuses) that exist for non-performance. Typically the reason is always blamed on one of 4 employees: a. I thought SOMEBODY else was doing that! b. I thought that was EVERYBODY’s job so... c. NOBODY took responsibility to do the job d. ANYBODY could have performed the task For manufacturing companies to compete effectively, how do we as managers ensure these employees are not on the payroll? Detail: We will examine the behavior of managers and how many accept non-performance rather than challenge or confront issues. Rarely do we wish to confront or ask difficult questions. However, if we introduce a culture where non-performance is openly challenged and develop a society of “necessity being the mother of invention,” then we can find many ways to reduce costs, increase the value of our components, or move into new markets. And we will thrive as manufacturers. To initiate such a culture it takes the managers to examine themselves and question their own performance. Could the manager be responsible for the performance of the business? Should the manager be held accountable for the performance of the business? Isn’t that why managers get rewarded? The presentation asks why we rarely challenge the status quo in business areas such as revenue, cash flow, profit and expenses such as power costs, trash collection, and packaging. 
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