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Published on January 1, 2006

Cost Efficient and High Quality Manufacturing Process for Hydraulic and Automotive Hoses: Tendencies of Development and Outlook

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Date Published January 1, 2006

This Report has been authored by:Dieter Bischoff at Berstorff USA

Depending on the progress within the area of blending manufacture and raw material development, daily new requirements and challenges are made to the rubber industry (natural rubber industry). Whereas the instruments that are exposed to the process engineers at the moment offer lots of possibilities to optimal solve problems. However, it is necessary to intensively work on improving areas like blending technology, process technology, automating and the development of new process philosophies (e.g. CAD, CIM, just-in-time). Additionally, it is required to develop testing methods that are quick and easy to handle and that not only determine values of comparison needed and completed for input quantities in calculating programs. Without these values, the application of the most modern technique is questioned and the hose manufacturer technologically falls behind his competitors. A first step for continuously manufacturing hose products for the hydraulic and automotive industry is done: • With the extrusion of the hose inner layer and the rubber middle layer as well as the extrusion of the hose outer cover, the plastic vulcanisation jacket, the vulcanisation, the stripping of the plastic, the process of blowing out the mandrel, the testing process and a customized packaging. • Extrusion, vulcanisation and blowing out of the mandrel, testing and packaging are to be accomplished every hour. More steps will follow, induced by changing environmental obligations connected with requirements to higher process capability and more economic efficiency. The here presented possibilities should be seen as a technological challenge, which the auditor recommends to seize. By following that, new working areas can be offered whereas the “old” material natural rubber has to always compete and assert itself.

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