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Published on January 1, 2006

ASTM D1076 Category 4 Latex and Quantifying Guayule (NRG) and Hevea (NR) Latex Protein

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Date Published January 1, 2006

This Report has been authored by:Colleen M. McMahan at UDSA-ARS Western Regional Research Center #with# Wenshuang Xie at UDSA-ARS Western Regional Research Center #with# K.C. Nguyen at Yulex Corp. #with# David Kostyal at Guthrie Foundation for Education and Research #with# Kelly Horton at Guts,” says Scheumann. Jason fpICC

Guayule latex is commercially available as a low protein natural rubber latex (Yulex® latex) which does not contain any protein that can be detected by the ASTM D6499 antigenic protein standard developed to quantify Hevea natural rubber latex (NRL) antigenic protein. In this paper, we discuss how best to quantify the proteins in guayule latex and Hevea latex using a minor modification of the modified Lowry procedure described in ASTM D5712 and compare this to quantification of proteins extracted from guayule and Hevea latex films. We also address the development of guayule-specific immunochemical methods to determine latex purity and to accurately quantify very small amounts of extractable protein from products. 
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