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Published on January 1, 2005

Commercialization of Yulex Natural Rubber Latex

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Date Published January 1, 2005

This Report has been authored by:Katrina Cornish at Yulex Corp. #with# Jali Williams at Yulex Corp. #with# Jeffrey A. Martin at Yulex Corp.

Yulex Corporation is currently commercializing the production of a high performance natural rubber latex for use in medical products that are non-allergenic to Hevea latex protein-sensitized individuals. In these markets, tropical latex products pose significant risk to Type I latex allergic individuals, and synthetic polymers have not met the challenge of providing comparable physical performance to natural rubber coupled with reasonable cost. Yulex has built and is operating an automated, continuous-flow, medium-scale pilot processing plant and has its own seed and production crops. As the crop acreage continues expansion and additional commercial processing plants come on line to meet the latex demand, the profitable use of the resin coproduct and the bagasse byproduct will ensure complete consumption of the crop and provide continuous improvement in margin structure enabling competition in wider market segments. 
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