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Published on September 22, 2004

Two in One – A Modern Universal Flexometer and a Dynamic Mechanic Thermal Spectrometer

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Date Published September 22, 2004
At the IRC 2003 in Nuremberg GABO QUALIMETER introduced the brand new GABOMETER® – an intelligent universal GOODRICH flexometer (Goodrich flexometer according to ASTM D 623/ISO 4666). The GABOMETER® works basically in the compression mode and can be equipped with up to three independent temperature measurement units in order to determine the heat build-up of the sample. A needle type thermocouple allows the measurement of the temperature inside the test specimen. Optionally, the instrument can be rearmed to a complete high power DMA/DMTS system providing tensile, shear, creep and fatigue tests. Additional range of applications are material testing, thermal analysis, components testing, quality control and relaxation/retardation tests. 
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