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Published on June 1, 2004

High Performance Environmentally Safer Accelerator for Elastomers

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Date Published June 1, 2004

PTDC and DIXP are recently developed ultra fast environmentally safer vulcanisation accelerators. They have major applications in dry rubber compounding (NR, SBR, NBR and EPDM) as primary or secondary accelerators, capable of replacing established thiurams or dithiocarbamates on a weight to weight basis and giving superior vulcanisate properties.PTDC works best in a Semi-EV System (Sulphur 1-1.5 phr) and confers a high rate and state of cure with minimum reversion. It can be used both at low temperature and high temperature cure without the loss of desirable properties of the vulcanisates. DIXP is a compound free from Nitrogen, phosphorous and metallic elements, and is specifically recommended as an accelerator in the vulcanisation of NR, synthetic polyisoprene and nitrile rubbers. It will donate sulphur. One of its main applications being vibration dampers and for the removal of nitrosamine generating accelerators. The paper will describe typical formulations for a variety of uses including fluid systems, vibration damping and vehicle sealing, and show that improved properties are achievable. 
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