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Argotec adds line, hikes aliphatic TPU capacity

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Argotec Inc. has added a new extrusion line at its clean-room facility in Greenfield to expand production of the firm's aliphatic thermoplastic urethane film and sheet manufacturing base.

The new extrusion line will double Argotec's aliphatic capacity, a spokesman said. It's the company's second line at the hard-wall, clean-room plant built in 1999. The 3,500-sq.-ft. facility is dedicated exclusively to the production of aliphatic-grade urethane products via flat-die extrusion, the company said.

Argotec added the line just as the first unit began to run out of capacity, the spokesman said. ``This will give us the ability to run a lot more aliphatic TPU on the second line,'' he said. The precision-engineered TPU is a grade of polyurethane resin aimed at extrusion into film and sheet for use as a bonding adhesive between layers of glass, polycarbonate and other substrates.

Combining the materials creates a strong glass composite used in a variety of commercial, automotive, governmental and residential glazing applications where extremely high strength and impact resistance is required, the company said.

Banks, retail storefronts, correctional facilities, commercial and military aircraft windows, armored vehicles, and hurricane-resistant and anti-vandal glazing are among the typical applications for aliphatic TPU.

The firm's first factory, built in Greenfield in 1988 when privately held Argotec was formed, produces aromatic-grade TPU film using blown film, flat-die, cast-on-carrier and extrusion coating technologies. The facility also extrudes copolymers, copolyamides, ether-amides, and specialty thermoplastic elastomers and thermoplastic olefins.