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Published on September 1, 2002


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Date Published September 1, 2002
The processability of a silane coupled silica-black-solution SBR with functional additives in an internal mixer and extruder was investigated.  The processability, rheological property, and vulcanization property of their composite were measured as a function of storage conditions including time and humidity. The processability was significantly improved by the addition of the processing additives.  The processability and vulcanization property of compounds were significantly influenced by the presence of the moisture and the effects of moisture were proportional to storage time. Processing additive added compounds exhibited better processability than without-additive compound (Control) when they were processed through single screw extruder and their viscosities were lower than the Control.  The viscosities of the humid specimens exhibited close to each other and proportionally increased as the storage time increased.  The degree of cross-linking of humid specimens was higher than that of the dry specimens.  As storage time increases, while the degree of cross-linking of the dry specimens remain constant that of the humid specimens increased especially after 5 days.  Processing aid added compounds exhibited lower order of cross-linking and longer cure time than the Control.  The cure time of the humid specimens was faster than that of the dry specimens and the rate changed on storage time.  As storage time increases, while the cure time of the dry specimens were different depending on mixing sequence; however that of the humid specimens decreased. 
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